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Salt Lake City with the boys


We went down to SLC to see the wonderful lights of temple square. It actually went a lot better than we could have ever expected for us (remember Logan…our boy). The boys loved staying in a hotel and swimming in the pool. Logan kept jumping on the bed, then he got this bright idea that jumping from bed to bed would be much more fun. He ate it hard. I guess I am a horrible parent cuz I couldn’t stop laughing. Parker ate it off the bed too…poor kid. The carpet is so hard in those blasted hotel rooms that his whole face got scraped up.

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We went wakeboarding for the first time this year with Logan. He absolutely loved it. Besides my sore ol’ body today, I think I enjoyed it too. He has been saying boat non-stop though all day today. He went and got his life jacket this morning first thing and put his swimming stuff on. He came and got us and said, “BYE BYE…. BOAT.” I have a bad feeling this could turn into an obsession. Anybody know what a new boat costs? Crap….

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Idaho Falls Temple


Yesterday we had the opportunity to go through the temple with Hailey’s Brother, Cameron. He is leaving on a mission to Raleigh, North Carolina soon. It is always such a wonderful and unique experience to be able to go through the temple with family. All those who have had this opportunity understand just how wonderful it is. I am exited for Cameron and all the work he is going to be able to do. He doesn’t even know what is about to happen. Ah…missionary work….

Anyway, these are just a few pictures of the temple I took a couple weeks ago.

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The Fourth of July


The Fourth of July was wonderful. Parker went to his first parade and Logan got the opportunity to actually run around and get candy. I made the mistake of telling Logan to sacrifice his life for a tootsie roll that was inches away from the tires of an approaching float. I said it sarcastically, but apparently a two year old doesn’t understand sarcasm. Who would have known?

Every since I have grown up I have love to go to the greenbelt. It was so fun to take the boys there and watch them interact with the people and the crowds. Logan was actually good and stayed in his stroller the whole time. We saw a lot of people we knew, and actually ran into one of my old buddies, Garrett. He was so kind as to let us encroach on his personal space, as he was with his fiancé. We figured having Logan and Parker there would help supplement their birth control costs after they got married.

As soon as the fireworks started Logan started screaming. He loved them. Every single one he said “wow” or “look”. He even put his arm around parker and was pointing at the sky, saying something in his little two year old language. It was a sight to see.

Note: Why on earth do we convince our kids that eating candy off the ground is ok during parades?

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My Little Picasso

My boy is going to be an Artist. A couple of weeks ago Logan was playing downstairs for an hour or so. It was weird, because, well…Logan is never that quiet for that long. I decided it best to go and check on him. Not a pleasant surprise. About halfway down the stairs the smell hit me. I jumped the rest of the way down and there it was: A wonderful masterpiece of pooh. Logan had taken managed to take his diaper off and decided the interior décor of our basement wasn’t quite up to par.

He found a yardstick and stuck it in his poo and hit the back of the couch with it, causing the splatters to cover the entire back of the couch. This wasn’t enough paint on the couch, so it looked like he decided to go to the front and beat the top of each section of the couch with his newly acquired paint. Each cushion had a perfect splotch that was wonderful. Apparently this had tired him out a little bit and he wanted to watch tv. Why use one remote when you got six? You guessed it, his hands must have been dipped in the new goo as well, because every single key on each remote was plastered with it.

TV must have gotten boring quickly because right after that he must have hopped on his little car we had in the basement. The seat now matched the rest of the decoration, and both handlebars had a new squishy feel to them. Why ride a bike though without playing with all the toys? We ended up going through his entire toy box finding little spots of the “Logan-love” here and there. It was a pleasant experience. When I finally arrived on scene he was sitting on the carpet scooting his bottom around while building a building with his building blocks and some “Construction adhesive.”

I never knew so much could come out in one dose.

Below are pictures of the incident that happened just a couple of days ago. While not quite the majestic masterpiece of the previous incident, it still gives a small notion of the brilliance of my little Picasso.

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Cost to Raise a Child

How much does it cost to raise a son? Well lets just start with the first 2 years. From things I have read it seems costs for the first two years should stay down and around $10,000…lets walk through it shall we…

Item Description – Cost

1. 9 Months of Pregnancy – More than you want to know

Week 1

2. $700 – Insurance Premiums for Birth

3. $14,000 – Delivery, about $5,000 more than anticipated and no, the insurance will not cover what they said they would

4. $120 – Baby shots

5. $20 – Cough Medicine, The baby just got sick from too much crying (the shots)

6. $240 – Breast Pump

7. $30 – Bottles for Pump

8. $45 – Bottles for Pump, The first ones didn’t work because they were the cheap brand and you decided to splurge for the nicer pump to help compensate for the horrible 9 month of pregnancy your wife just went through

9. $1,600 – Travel crib, baby crib, baby dresser, bassinette, pillows, blankets, stuffed toys, decorations, music boxes, baby clothes, baby lotion, baby powder, special baby wash and shampoo, bathtub for the sink, baby scrubbers, baby washrags, burp rags, rattles, toys, and other miscellaneous essentials. Better make it $2,400…It all has to match

10. $100 – New car seat for the ride home from the hospital –

11. $20 – Interior car cleaning from spit-up from first ride home form the hospital –

12. $40 – Diapers , More already?!!?

13. $3 – Pacifier –

14. $6 – Gas/ Pacifier, where did that first one go?

Week 2

15. $100 – Lost wages, showing up late every day for work due to lack of sleep

16. $120 – Doctor Visit, he is healthy and doing well

17. $100 – Car seat, the baby wouldn’t sleep in the first one

18. $250 – Another bill from the hospital that was not discussed

Week 3

19. $20 – Carpet cleaner, he decided to pee only when the diaper came off to change him

20. $120 – Doctor Visit, he seems to have come down with an ear infection

21. $30 – Ear Drops

22. $20 – Cough Medicine, The ear infection spawned a cold

23. $80 – Digital Thermometer

24. $200 – New set of clothes, Just outgrew his 1-6 month clothes

Week 4

25. $100 – Let start a college savings account

26. $50 – One Week worth of Formula, Breastfeeding didn’t work out so well

27. $250 – Drywall patch and Repair, Turns out the breast pump goes through the air very well

28. $50 – More formula, baby developed allergy to first brand

Week 5 to 2 years

29. $3,842 – Formula, Baby food, and other food

30. $214 – Cleaning up after formula, baby food, and other food

31. $200 – The college fund we keep talking about (it went so well for two more months)

32. $1,900 – Diapers and Wipes, after trying only 3 different brands we found one that worked

33. $100 – New Car seat, yes he can sit up now

34. $700 – New Toys

35. $2400 – Clothes

36. $100 – New Car seat, for the other car

37. $200 – Paint Repairs – Found out it was fun to play with keys on moms car

38. $300 – New Phone – A phone doesn’t work so well after being thrown in the toilet

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39. $50 – New Remote – A Remote is not a hammer for children

40. $100 – New phone – A phone doesn’t work so well after being put through the wash

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41. $50 – Special cleaner for couch cushions, he learned how to pee standing up

42. $2,640 – Miscellaneous other costs that are sure to be incurred

Grand Total: $32,210

It would seem estimates are a little low. Yes, Children do cost more than you think.