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Hailey at the Zoo


Aw, the zoo. An enjoyable, relaxing place to go, to let your kids loose as they run to every animal cage with great fascination. Relaxing, that is. until every minute you are doing a head count, trying to explain to your boy that the huge ostrich is not playing with him but is actually trying to eat him, realizing that the eighth head you counted wasn’t part of your group, and frantically running in circles yelling, “Has anyone seen Britain?” Aw the zoo, an enjoyable, relaxing place to go…

So today we went to the zoo. My oldest sister Andrea had her three outgoing cute kids and a friend, my other sister Jessica had her two lovable kids, and of course I had my little energizer bunny, and my sweet little snuggle bear. Yes that is a grand total of 8 kids all under the age of 5. What an adventure! It was fun to get out and walk around and see all those animals. The highlight of the trip was feeding the goats where Logan showed no fear of sticking out his little hand right to there mouths. When we ran out of quarters we decided it was time to see the lions. The kids where excited and began running to the cage, everyone but Logan who was then determined to make sure that every animal at the zoo was going to be feed. As we gathered the kids around the large cage I realized that Logan was no where in sight. As I turn around and begin my search for him, I see him in the distance laughing at a huge ostridge who is trying to bite off his fingers. In a panic I run to him yelling and trying to explain that the ostridge is trying to eat him and not playing. Logan continues laughing thinking this bird is just playing games. It took me forever trying to get him away from this bird as the game they were once playing turned into a big fight as Logan began hitting him, screaming at me to let go, and the huge ostrich then trying to eat us both. I can only imagine what we looked like. I am sure we were pretty entertaining for the little crowd that began forming.

Ending the trip at the monkey cages we were stopped by one of the zoo workers who asked if we were missing a boy in a green shirt. Looking at our group we counted them and said no and continued on. It was only minutes later that Andrea turns to us and asks, “When is the last time you saw Britain?” It was then we all realized, the little boy in the green shirt was ours after all! We began running to the gift shop where he was being held and with relief there he was smiling and waiting patiently. If only kids knew what they put us through. The day ended to quickly and the kids where all exhausted. There was one thing I knew for sure – after that I needed a nap!

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My Little Picasso

My boy is going to be an Artist. A couple of weeks ago Logan was playing downstairs for an hour or so. It was weird, because, well…Logan is never that quiet for that long. I decided it best to go and check on him. Not a pleasant surprise. About halfway down the stairs the smell hit me. I jumped the rest of the way down and there it was: A wonderful masterpiece of pooh. Logan had taken managed to take his diaper off and decided the interior décor of our basement wasn’t quite up to par.

He found a yardstick and stuck it in his poo and hit the back of the couch with it, causing the splatters to cover the entire back of the couch. This wasn’t enough paint on the couch, so it looked like he decided to go to the front and beat the top of each section of the couch with his newly acquired paint. Each cushion had a perfect splotch that was wonderful. Apparently this had tired him out a little bit and he wanted to watch tv. Why use one remote when you got six? You guessed it, his hands must have been dipped in the new goo as well, because every single key on each remote was plastered with it.

TV must have gotten boring quickly because right after that he must have hopped on his little car we had in the basement. The seat now matched the rest of the decoration, and both handlebars had a new squishy feel to them. Why ride a bike though without playing with all the toys? We ended up going through his entire toy box finding little spots of the “Logan-love” here and there. It was a pleasant experience. When I finally arrived on scene he was sitting on the carpet scooting his bottom around while building a building with his building blocks and some “Construction adhesive.”

I never knew so much could come out in one dose.

Below are pictures of the incident that happened just a couple of days ago. While not quite the majestic masterpiece of the previous incident, it still gives a small notion of the brilliance of my little Picasso.

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Cost to Raise a Child

How much does it cost to raise a son? Well lets just start with the first 2 years. From things I have read it seems costs for the first two years should stay down and around $10,000…lets walk through it shall we…

Item Description – Cost

1. 9 Months of Pregnancy – More than you want to know

Week 1

2. $700 – Insurance Premiums for Birth

3. $14,000 – Delivery, about $5,000 more than anticipated and no, the insurance will not cover what they said they would

4. $120 – Baby shots

5. $20 – Cough Medicine, The baby just got sick from too much crying (the shots)

6. $240 – Breast Pump

7. $30 – Bottles for Pump

8. $45 – Bottles for Pump, The first ones didn’t work because they were the cheap brand and you decided to splurge for the nicer pump to help compensate for the horrible 9 month of pregnancy your wife just went through

9. $1,600 – Travel crib, baby crib, baby dresser, bassinette, pillows, blankets, stuffed toys, decorations, music boxes, baby clothes, baby lotion, baby powder, special baby wash and shampoo, bathtub for the sink, baby scrubbers, baby washrags, burp rags, rattles, toys, and other miscellaneous essentials. Better make it $2,400…It all has to match

10. $100 – New car seat for the ride home from the hospital –

11. $20 – Interior car cleaning from spit-up from first ride home form the hospital –

12. $40 – Diapers , More already?!!?

13. $3 – Pacifier –

14. $6 – Gas/ Pacifier, where did that first one go?

Week 2

15. $100 – Lost wages, showing up late every day for work due to lack of sleep

16. $120 – Doctor Visit, he is healthy and doing well

17. $100 – Car seat, the baby wouldn’t sleep in the first one

18. $250 – Another bill from the hospital that was not discussed

Week 3

19. $20 – Carpet cleaner, he decided to pee only when the diaper came off to change him

20. $120 – Doctor Visit, he seems to have come down with an ear infection

21. $30 – Ear Drops

22. $20 – Cough Medicine, The ear infection spawned a cold

23. $80 – Digital Thermometer

24. $200 – New set of clothes, Just outgrew his 1-6 month clothes

Week 4

25. $100 – Let start a college savings account

26. $50 – One Week worth of Formula, Breastfeeding didn’t work out so well

27. $250 – Drywall patch and Repair, Turns out the breast pump goes through the air very well

28. $50 – More formula, baby developed allergy to first brand

Week 5 to 2 years

29. $3,842 – Formula, Baby food, and other food

30. $214 – Cleaning up after formula, baby food, and other food

31. $200 – The college fund we keep talking about (it went so well for two more months)

32. $1,900 – Diapers and Wipes, after trying only 3 different brands we found one that worked

33. $100 – New Car seat, yes he can sit up now

34. $700 – New Toys

35. $2400 – Clothes

36. $100 – New Car seat, for the other car

37. $200 – Paint Repairs – Found out it was fun to play with keys on moms car

38. $300 – New Phone – A phone doesn’t work so well after being thrown in the toilet

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39. $50 – New Remote – A Remote is not a hammer for children

40. $100 – New phone – A phone doesn’t work so well after being put through the wash

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41. $50 – Special cleaner for couch cushions, he learned how to pee standing up

42. $2,640 – Miscellaneous other costs that are sure to be incurred

Grand Total: $32,210

It would seem estimates are a little low. Yes, Children do cost more than you think.