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We went wakeboarding for the first time this year with Logan. He absolutely loved it. Besides my sore ol’ body today, I think I enjoyed it too. He has been saying boat non-stop though all day today. He went and got his life jacket this morning first thing and put his swimming stuff on. He came and got us and said, “BYE BYE…. BOAT.” I have a bad feeling this could turn into an obsession. Anybody know what a new boat costs? Crap….

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Idaho Falls Temple


Yesterday we had the opportunity to go through the temple with Hailey’s Brother, Cameron. He is leaving on a mission to Raleigh, North Carolina soon. It is always such a wonderful and unique experience to be able to go through the temple with family. All those who have had this opportunity understand just how wonderful it is. I am exited for Cameron and all the work he is going to be able to do. He doesn’t even know what is about to happen. Ah…missionary work….

Anyway, these are just a few pictures of the temple I took a couple weeks ago.

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Hailey at the Zoo


Aw, the zoo. An enjoyable, relaxing place to go, to let your kids loose as they run to every animal cage with great fascination. Relaxing, that is. until every minute you are doing a head count, trying to explain to your boy that the huge ostrich is not playing with him but is actually trying to eat him, realizing that the eighth head you counted wasn’t part of your group, and frantically running in circles yelling, “Has anyone seen Britain?” Aw the zoo, an enjoyable, relaxing place to go…

So today we went to the zoo. My oldest sister Andrea had her three outgoing cute kids and a friend, my other sister Jessica had her two lovable kids, and of course I had my little energizer bunny, and my sweet little snuggle bear. Yes that is a grand total of 8 kids all under the age of 5. What an adventure! It was fun to get out and walk around and see all those animals. The highlight of the trip was feeding the goats where Logan showed no fear of sticking out his little hand right to there mouths. When we ran out of quarters we decided it was time to see the lions. The kids where excited and began running to the cage, everyone but Logan who was then determined to make sure that every animal at the zoo was going to be feed. As we gathered the kids around the large cage I realized that Logan was no where in sight. As I turn around and begin my search for him, I see him in the distance laughing at a huge ostridge who is trying to bite off his fingers. In a panic I run to him yelling and trying to explain that the ostridge is trying to eat him and not playing. Logan continues laughing thinking this bird is just playing games. It took me forever trying to get him away from this bird as the game they were once playing turned into a big fight as Logan began hitting him, screaming at me to let go, and the huge ostrich then trying to eat us both. I can only imagine what we looked like. I am sure we were pretty entertaining for the little crowd that began forming.

Ending the trip at the monkey cages we were stopped by one of the zoo workers who asked if we were missing a boy in a green shirt. Looking at our group we counted them and said no and continued on. It was only minutes later that Andrea turns to us and asks, “When is the last time you saw Britain?” It was then we all realized, the little boy in the green shirt was ours after all! We began running to the gift shop where he was being held and with relief there he was smiling and waiting patiently. If only kids knew what they put us through. The day ended to quickly and the kids where all exhausted. There was one thing I knew for sure – after that I needed a nap!

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Ping Pong with Lynn

A pictures says a thousand words

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The Fourth of July


The Fourth of July was wonderful. Parker went to his first parade and Logan got the opportunity to actually run around and get candy. I made the mistake of telling Logan to sacrifice his life for a tootsie roll that was inches away from the tires of an approaching float. I said it sarcastically, but apparently a two year old doesn’t understand sarcasm. Who would have known?

Every since I have grown up I have love to go to the greenbelt. It was so fun to take the boys there and watch them interact with the people and the crowds. Logan was actually good and stayed in his stroller the whole time. We saw a lot of people we knew, and actually ran into one of my old buddies, Garrett. He was so kind as to let us encroach on his personal space, as he was with his fiancé. We figured having Logan and Parker there would help supplement their birth control costs after they got married.

As soon as the fireworks started Logan started screaming. He loved them. Every single one he said “wow” or “look”. He even put his arm around parker and was pointing at the sky, saying something in his little two year old language. It was a sight to see.

Note: Why on earth do we convince our kids that eating candy off the ground is ok during parades?

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I’m no farmer

Well, Gardening is fun. I am not an expert, but… shouldn’t my corn be taller than my peas? I could have sworn strawberries were supposed to be red, not brown. Our strawberry salads definitly aren’t tasting that good. I went to the store yesterday to get some treatment. They claimed there is nothing I can do for black tomatos??? what gives. I thought there was a solution for everything. I blame the ground. Maybe gravel isn’t as fertile as I thought.  I guess we are going to make a pea maze this year instead of a corn maze. It may be short, but don’t worry, it’ll be worth it.  Just a couple thoughts on gardening.

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Travel Log Romania Part 10

Day 9 and 10 – June 5th and 6th 2009 – Travel to Chisinau


I have always been a little leery for traveling to Chisinau. It was part of the old Soviet Union and people think a little differently there. In fact, as a missionary I spent a little time in jail. Communism played a very significant role in the way these people think and act. It is going to be very hard for them to open their minds to western thinking.

The train-ride is very unique. They come into your cabin about 15 to twenty times throughout the 13 hour ride to Moldova. Checking your passports, asking what you are doing, asking how much money you have, or asking if they can have your money. It never ends, so sleeping is a little difficult. Immediately after getting on the train, our cabin supervisor came in saying I had to pay for the bags. She went off on how much it would cost. Then she stepped inside our cabin and said, “We might be able to work something out though.” For the steep bribe of 2 dollars and 60 cents our bags were now safe.

The best part of the ride is at the Moldova/Romania border. At some point the Moldovans decided they didn’t want any unwanted visitors in their country. It an incredibly bright effort to accomplish this goal, they changed the width of their train tracks in the entire country. All of their tracks are a few inches shorter than bordering countries. With this being the case, the train is lifted up in the air for about 3 to 4 hours at the border town of Ungheni while they go through the deliberately slow process of changing the wheels. I say slow, because I watch them take about 42 smoke breaks and even one lunch break in-between. I think they just leave us hanging up there for an hour just to stare at us. It is an interesting process to say the least.

The mission president always used to hate going across the border. We would sit in our car for hours while they searched it, then go outside while they searched us. I assume a lot of trafficking goes on in 3rd world countries. One time a loving mother of a missionary had sent a white cake mix to her little boy in Moldova. President would have us take all the packages across the border to the missionaries at Christmas time. We never opened the packages, but the guards at the border sure did. With the little knowledge we had of the contents that lied with in, I was rather shocked to be hustled into the border station by 4 guards. The package was sitting on a table inside the station with the contents lying beside it. In order to save space the mother decided to pack the cake mix without the cake box. The bag of the white looking substance was in the hands of one of the guards. It took a couple hours of convincing, but I was finally able to explain that it wasn’t drugs. It was an experience I won’t forget. LABEL your packages when sending them to foreign countries, and if possible provide tastes samples!