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New Clubs

Just thought I would let everybody know I got new clubs today….so If you get beat that is why. Just wanted to forewarn.

I went with the Adams Idea a3os Hybrid set



and the Taylor Made Burner



Hailey is going to get me a new putter for christmas….or a golf cart… depends how rich santa is this year

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Coupon book

I got the new coupon books from the 2 for 1 deals, if anybody wants one or two. They got some good stuff. Buy one get one free at Jamba, Okies, Perkins, and more. Don’t really remember right now. I only have a few extra though. I think they originally are 20, but I can do em for 10, maybe 9 if you catch me on a good day.

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Garrett’s Wedding


Saturday we went down to one of my good buddies wedding.  It was great to see Logan again. Life was so simple there. When we were there we rented a nice little apartment. With no car payment, health insurance, kids, life inurance, excessive utility payments, taxes, high food bills, and so on… was nice. It was very tempting to move back. I can’t believe how much I missed when we were there.

Welp here are a few pictures. The front of the temple was under construction, so I really coudln’t get any good pictures from the front. Too bad.


Hailey on our good Sledding hill

me-an-dthe-rock.jpg hailey-on-steps-2.jpg logan-back.jpg the-aggie.jpg logan-in-the-distance.jpg