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Birthday List

Here is my birthday list this year. It is not complete yet, but I am working on it. Check back often for more ideas.

1. Haggar Pants from JCPENNY 32×32 they have a little stretchy waistband, and they are beige. I think they are hagar anyway.Something like this I think
2. Work shirt. There was a green one at Aeropostle once that was longsleeved and button up. I think this or this one would be nice
3. A good Nights sleep (Logan please)
4. Date to Pizza Hut, with Pepsi and all
5. Date to Jakers for the half priced steak
6. HTC Touch Pro 2 – need signature from your dad and ordered from BYU-I Bookstore It takes a couple days to get in
7. Popcorn from Sams
8. USB extension cable for our Printer
9. A Clear shower liner
10. Babysitting for Cruise
11. Khakie shorts, I like the ones with pockets. Old Navy usually has some good ones. Size 32 waist.
12. As you all know I am an avid coin collector….anyway, I still need Wisconsin, and Alaska Quarters. I will aslo need any US Terriotory quarter you have, Guam, District of Columbia, American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands, and The norther Mariana Islands. I Haven’t seen much of those. You can also get me the America the beautiful quarter that is coming out now. One more item of interest is the $1 gold coins of the presidents. I think it started in 2007, so I have some catching up to do. Last but not least a book to hold the 50 states.

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New Camera?

Ok, So I have another problem with my underwater camera adventure ideas. I first found the
bag(two posts down) that I was going to put my NIKON D90 in for underwater shooting. Though I have the camera insured I am still hesitant for a couple of reasons.
1. What if my camera doesn’t make it, and the rest of the trip I have no pictures?
2. My camera is insured, but lenses are not.
3. I am pretty sure water is going to ruin the memory card as well if it gets wet, does that mean pictures from the entire trip to that point will be toast?

So I have found an alternative I am considering.

You can find it Here for like $289

This is the camera I would get if I were going on the cruise tomorrow.

The pros are:
1. It will be easier to pull out an shoot than loading my D90 in the bag
2. It is smaller
3. It also has video
4. It is waterproof to 30 feet

1. The quality is going to be lacking
2. The video is like 480i (I am still looking for one that has higher video quality with as good of reviews)

Since the cruise is not tomorrow

I will be saving up for this bad boy.

The Panasonic DMC-TS2

1. Way easier to use than my NIKON for under water
2. Small
3. The video is High quality
4. The pictures have good resolution

1. I will need to wait a few months for the price to drop. I aint paying over $300

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Logan’s 3rd Birthday Cake

Logie’s Birthday was extremely fun, and it was very revealing to find out how much my family knew about Geography. Here is his birthday cake that my Wonderful Wife made. She is getting so creative. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for my Birthday March 3rd.







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Waterproof my D90

Well I am going on a cruise this year, and I want some higher quality underwater photos than last year. My Nikon D90 is the best, and I was hoping to take it in the water. Here are my options. (note – they have a $1500 option that is flawless, but who has that kind of money)

Option 1 – AquaPack – $99.99

Option 2 – DiCAPac WP-S10 – $99.99

Option 3 – Ziploc – $0.03

For some reason I don’t think this is going to work very well as an option. I know ziplocks are great and all, but what is the insurance company going to say. “Why won’t you cover it, Ziplock claims it would keep freshness in…what do you mean I shouldn’t have put my $1,000 camera in a three cent bag, It seemed like such a viable solution.”

On second thought, what if I double bag it….

Did I mention how cool this is going to be. Underwater pictures and VIDEO. I love it.