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Logi Parking His Bike

After watching me put blocks under the wheels on our trailer Logan dissapeared around the corner of the house. Hailey went looking for him and this is what she found. Apparently Logan thought it was necessary to block the wheels of his (Daisy’s) bike so it didn’t roll away.

parkingbike-1 parkingbike-2 parkingbike-3 parkingbike-4 parkingbike-5
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I’m So Proud

Need I say More

Hey at least it is in the toilet this time…

dsc_0697 dsc_0698 dsc_0699
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We have decided to do some exterior home improvements this year. The first of which is a wonderful firepit that the kids can play in. I mean, cook hot dogs in. After finishing it though, I am debating whether or not to make a sandbox out of the middle. They like playing in the dirt more than their toys.


firepit-1 firepit-2

You Just can’t get good help any more!!

firepit-3 firepit-4 firepit-5 firepit-6

Finished Finally

firepit-7 firepit-9 firepit-10 firepit-8
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My brother was so kind to bring by a live chick on easter. Wasn’t that just a treat. ..

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Logi’s First Day of School


It was funny because we thought he would be so scared to get on the bus. As it turns out…He wasn’t! Not Logan. As soon as he saw it he ran, turned to his mom and said, “I’ll be right back,” and got right on. What the beans?

We sure put a lot of trust in people to let them take our kid. We don’t even know them. What if the bus didn’t go to the school and went to Canada instead. Oh the torture.

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My Birthday


It was such a wonderful day. We went to Garcias, Pizza Hut, Brayden’s Basketball game, and Bowling. That pretty much maxed our little town of Idaho Falls Out.

Did you notice Hailey’s Bowling score of 191