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Boy Meets Girl

The neighbors went north to Canada for Thanksgiving (yes it is hard to have foreigners as neighbors), but it left us with a small dilemma. Normally Logan plays with Daisy (their daughter) every day. He just hasn’t been able to grasp the concept that she isn’t home this week. Every morning he wakes up and gets dressed and ready to go play.

Unfortunately for us we live in this bitter cold state of Idaho. This morning was no different than the rest of the mornings this week. Logan got up and got dressed and said, “I’m going to see if Daisy is home yet.”

Sure enough he went outside and walked clear over there in 0 degree weather just to see if his Daisy was home. I couldn’t help but taking pictures of his footsteps on the way over there (it is hard to see them because it is blowing so hard, it blew most of them in).

They better get home quick before my boys freezes to death looking for the love of his life. I don’t know what we are going to do if they actually move. (you like the subtle use of the word if)

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Purchase Temple Pictures

You can now purchase temple pictures I have done right off of this site. Simply click on “Products Page” above and it will take you to where you can order your prints.

Also if there is another picture on this site that I don’t have on the products page, just request it and I will get it for you. All the pictures are the same price, so just let me know.

You can find more temple pictures on my blog by typing in temple in the search box on the right.

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions or need any modifications that I might be able to possibly do.

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Building our Shed

 Winter is tough for us Burtons, especially for my wife. So I have decided to post a few of our summer pics over the next few weeks to help us get through, well, the next couple of weeks. By that time I am hoping the holidays will get us through till spring. Here’s to wishful thinking.

We decided it was finally time to build a shed. We deeply regret not taking a picture of our garage before this thing was built, but it was absolutely full to the brim of crap. We could barely clear a walking path to get through it, let alone park our cars in there. With the necessity there I went to the employment office and hired some of my most trusted employees and got to work.