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Cabin at Timberview

This October Hailey and I got the sweetest deal on a Cabin near Ashton, Idaho. It was a place called Timberview. The cabin we stayed in was super sweet, and they even had a VCR. I was so impressed. The next morning we woke up and got to go on one of the prettiest golf courses I have ever seen. WITH A GOLF CART. It was phenominal. Unfortunately my 9-iron didn’t think so. Somehow this year I completely lost my golf swing…how does that happen?

Anyway. This whole package only cost us $25. Cheers to Timberview. It was amazing.

Cabinblog1 Cabinblog3 Cabinblog4 Cabinblog5 Cabinblog6 Cabinblog7 Cabinblog 8
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Halloween 2010

Logan loved the maze this year they had over at the pumpkin patch.

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Blastoff With Mason

Mason had his B-day party at Blastoff. You can’t tell by looking at it, but Parker is saying CHEESE!

blastoff blastoff blastoff
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Danny’s Hot Tub

This summer we went over to Danny’s hot tub again. It was pretty fun for the kids. I am still not sure why we need to throw the moss all over each other, but we still do. Don’t worry we found out the insect eggs Hailey found in her hair weren’t hazardous in anyway.

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Deer Hunting

This year was the first Year I have been deer hunting since before my mission. I knew you all would love it if I decided to show some pictures. Please, Enjoy.

Deer Deer 1 Deer 2 Deer 3 Deer 4 Deer 5 Deer 6 Deer 7