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Our little Designated Driver

First you give ’em a drink.


Then you let ’em take ya home.


Thanks Logi, always the responsible one

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New Years 2011 and Resolutions

New Years Eve Jessica and Tyler announced they are going to have another little one runnin’ around in 9 months.


Here are our Goals for 2011

Family Goals:

  1. Don’t let 2011 be as horrible as 2010. Last year was probably one of the hardest years of my life and I don’t ever want to do it again. Looking back I am hoping the trials we went through will help us in the future, but I definitely don’t think I could handle them again.
  2. FHE every week. We have just not been good at this one.
  3. We haven’t done family prayers before, and are going to start.
  4. Temple once a month.
  5. Not get Pregnant. We are going to all work as a team for this one.

Hailey’s Goals:

  1. Do Speech with Parker Every Day ( I can’t believe he can’t talk yet)
  2. Spend more time with the Boys.
  3. Do activities with Logan to help him Learn every day
  4. Visiting teaching every month (this one is Original folks)
  5. Sriptures 2x per week

My Goals:

  1. Talk to 300 businesses per month.
  2. Start one of the two Business Ideas I have right now. ( have already partially done this)
  3. Drink 4-6 cups of water per day. This may seem easy to most, but I really believe I went weeks last year without having a single sip of water. My body is turning into 92 percent Pepsi.
  4. I would like to read 4 books this year. I really don’t read a lot of books for enjoyment, so they will definitely be learning books, but whatever gets ya going in the morning.
  5. Don’t Repeat Last Year
  6. Develop new marketing Campaign each month for Insurance – I still can’t believe people are paying what they do
  7. Only eat one snack after dinner, instead of my usual 8
  8. I am going to lose 16 pounds by March 3rd 2011.
  9. I will compete in a mini Triathlon this year.
  10. Plan our next family trip and buy the tickets.

A few more New Year’s Eve Pictures

dsc_0113 dsc_0127 dsc_0134
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Christmas 2010

We really enjoyed Christmas this year because Logan actually understood what was going on a little bit more. The night before we told him Santa was coming and put him to bed, and he actually fell right to sleep.

Around 12:30 we heard him crying in his room. I went in there to find puke all over the place. We took him straight to the tub and put his bedding in the wash. As soon as he got out, I asked if he wanted to sleep with mommy and daddy. He said,”No, I want to sleep in the front room.”   (that is where Santa comes). He assured me he was all better – the funny thing is, he really was all better and seemed just fine.

Could he really have thrown up on cue just to get to see Christmas a little early???

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Pulling Taffy on The Birthday’s

Every year we get together to pull taffy on Parker’s Birthday. If you have never tasted Vinegar Taffy, you are missing out.