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My first 5 K (not money either)

Well, Hailey Finally talked me into running a 5k today. Last week I ran 1.25 miles with the scouts and didn’t even make it. I had to walk every 500 yards or so for a few minutes. It was pretty rough. Anyway, today we went to John’s Hole on the greenbelt with Jamie Sorenson to the Run Walk Charity Dealio. We had signed up and got some sweet a T-shirts that I am pretty sure I will wear every day.

We started the race in a big glob of people, we had pretty good starting position, but I left Hailey because I didn’t want to get in anybody’s way because I was running to slow, so I went to the back of the glob. After running for a mile, I started to actually think I would make it the entire way. Mile 2 came and went and I could still see Hailey right in front of me, which seemed odd. I thought that i would inevitably be puking at that point in the race. Watching her run in front of me really was a lot of motivation to keep going though. I am pretty sure I would have stopped and walked a little if I couldn’t even see her. I think she was secretly holding back a little bit just for my sake. That’s why I love her.

The last mile was pretty brutal. I hadn’t run since high school really, and was pretty shocked to have made it this far, but I started getting that weak leg, queasy head feeling like I was going to eat it. As much as I wanted to go up and grab my wife I figured laying in the road passed out really wasn’t worth it. Plus, as a gentlemen, I didn’t want to beat her. “Ladies first” right!?

Uhm, I still am not sure why people do it, but I guess It might be kind of fun for some people. Now she is trying to get me to sign up for another one. Remind me to pass out next time…

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