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Hailey and I went to Avatar last night. A movie that has been rumored to cost over $500 million is sure to get attention. We were extremely exited to see it.

I would like to rate the movie and give my thoughts based on 3 different things.

  1. The movie, aka storyline, and production.
  2. The 3-D
  3. The outside influences and other thoughts.


Previews did not give the creativity of this movie justice. The extremely wonderful implementation of the technology we have today to create movies was pushed to the extent of its capabilities. The creation of the Planet Pandora was none less than a work of art, and is portrayed as such on the screen. The green forests, unique biological features,  strange inhabitants, and overall aura Pandora has to offer presents one of the best, if not the best, alien planets ever created. As the characters walk through the forests the ground itself illuminates with their presence and the theoretical and physical bond created by the Na vi was very outside the box thinking, but flowed very well with the movie. The movie was worth every dime and I was not bored for the full time of the movie. If there was a lull in action there were always enough special effects to make up for it to keep you interested.

As far as the movie goes:

Creativity – 10 out of 10

Scenery – 10 out of 10

Story line – 7 out of 10

Action – 8 out of 10

Somewhat predictable after a certain point. We’ve seen the love story before, but it was implemented well. Some things did die out in the story line though, like did anybody see that big rock they were going for, what ever ended up happening to Norm? The action and fighting sequences were cool, but I missed the slow mo pan shots they do in movies now. Those rock. Like when two things collide, the frame freezes, the music stops, while the camera does a 360 of the frame. It was neat to see how they bonded the human with the Avatar. Interesting theory! How do they think of this stuff? There weren’t any real twists in the movie, just new computer techniques.

3-D – 2 out of 10

As far as 3d goes, I wasn’t that impressed. Strangely enough wearing glasses through the whole move felt just like you were wearing glasses through the whole movie. It seemed as though the movie experience was taken away from me at the point I put the glasses on. Hollywood tries so hard to make you feel like you are part of the movie, and in doing so I felt like I was isolated from those around me. The glasses kind of made me feel like I was no longer part of the audience or those I came with. It was hard to comment on little parts throughout because the people next to me also seemed shielded by those glasses.

Year after year the film industry has been clamoring to get the highest quality films they could on the big screen. Picture show, black and white, color, standard definition, then lastly blu-ray and Hi Def. The movie people have been raving about how crystal clear the Hi-Def is and how everybody needs it. Standard TV is just not even worth watching, don’t even mention it. Then comes along 3d…Have we digressed? Hey I got an idea….lets go ahead and make things blurry again, and make things come off the screen to compensate for the slight blurriness. That ought to do it. Though things were extremely clear at times, whenever something would project off the screen, that item seemed to get blurry, in fact it seemed things to the sides that were trying to 3-d themselves were also not all that clear. It was extremely distracting to say the least. If we have tried so hard to make movies so perfectly clear, why not keep ‘em clear.

The color was also about 8 shades darker than it should have been as compared to the regular movie. Let’s all go to our computer monitors and go to the brightness setting. Now turn it way down. That’s exactly how a 3-d movie is. Where is the vivid color we have been working so hard for this last century. At times I would lift up my glasses, and even though there was blurriness on the parts of the screen that were trying to be 3-d, at least I got my vivid color back. Put the glasses back on, and sure enough, just like wearing sunglasses in a movie, the colors were saturated, and washed out.

Some may say I am being a bit too critical, and it is a new technology. Maybe that is true, but I am only doing so because it is not all everybody has cracked it up to be. The only things I hear are 3-d is the best thing since the wheel. Why would you go to the normal now when you have 3-d? People get caught up in hype! I don’t get it, why sacrifice quality for something just because other people say it is great? A crystal clear pictures is better than blurry pop outs any day. The masses have been leaning towards 3-d and they have had to pay a premium, (that’s right 3-4 bux on top of the 9.50 you are already getting taken for) I feel they need to justify their investment. The only way to do this is by following the rest of the lemmings and say go 3-d.

Bottom line: 3-d is not there yet. It may be sometime. The quality is not quite there, the color is not quite there. When they fix those things it will be. Though I will still have to get over my nauseous-ness at times, knowing that is unique to me and other don’t have this problem. Or they claim they won’t have this problem to fit in with the masses again. Yes there are those that are going to say it still cool. They will look back someday and say, wow things have come a long way. (of course it will only be when everybody else is saying the same things)

Outside influence

Not that I get into politics too much, but it seemed like the movie itself was coming from the left. At one point a character used the phrase “Tree Hugging Traders” as if that was the general consensus of the Humans in the film towards the Na vi people and biologists. They tried to make the humans look bad throughout the film by destroying the forests for of the indigenous and having no respect for nature. It seemed like a subliminal message direct from the liberals that we need to take care of nature more. The main character even stated there is no green left on our planet. Give me a break. This even started to swing so hard at times that it caused breaks in the flow of the story. It was cool when they blew up the tree, but what point did it have other than to make the non-environmentalist actors look bad and give the chance for the biologists (aka liberals) a chance to call them murderers. It was unfortunate that I felt the Good vs Evil part of the show had to be the environmentalists vs. the marines? Do we really picture our marines this way? Do liberals?

The movie was good entertainment. It had very unique features, but I wouldn’t have the audacity of saying it is already the best movie of the year, beings that we are only 10 days into the year. I mean, come on…Iron Man 2 is coming out this year. Have we given it no chance!!!?!!! I guess I am one who believes story line, plot twists, and subtle humor plays more into a movie than just a creative set and cool technology.

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