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Waterproof my D90

Well I am going on a cruise this year, and I want some higher quality underwater photos than last year. My Nikon D90 is the best, and I was hoping to take it in the water. Here are my options. (note – they have a $1500 option that is flawless, but who has that kind of money)

Option 1 – AquaPack – $99.99

Option 2 – DiCAPac WP-S10 – $99.99

Option 3 – Ziploc – $0.03

For some reason I don’t think this is going to work very well as an option. I know ziplocks are great and all, but what is the insurance company going to say. “Why won’t you cover it, Ziplock claims it would keep freshness in…what do you mean I shouldn’t have put my $1,000 camera in a three cent bag, It seemed like such a viable solution.”

On second thought, what if I double bag it….

Did I mention how cool this is going to be. Underwater pictures and VIDEO. I love it.

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