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My Little Picasso

My boy is going to be an Artist. A couple of weeks ago Logan was playing downstairs for an hour or so. It was weird, because, well…Logan is never that quiet for that long. I decided it best to go and check on him. Not a pleasant surprise. About halfway down the stairs the smell hit me. I jumped the rest of the way down and there it was: A wonderful masterpiece of pooh. Logan had taken managed to take his diaper off and decided the interior décor of our basement wasn’t quite up to par.

He found a yardstick and stuck it in his poo and hit the back of the couch with it, causing the splatters to cover the entire back of the couch. This wasn’t enough paint on the couch, so it looked like he decided to go to the front and beat the top of each section of the couch with his newly acquired paint. Each cushion had a perfect splotch that was wonderful. Apparently this had tired him out a little bit and he wanted to watch tv. Why use one remote when you got six? You guessed it, his hands must have been dipped in the new goo as well, because every single key on each remote was plastered with it.

TV must have gotten boring quickly because right after that he must have hopped on his little car we had in the basement. The seat now matched the rest of the decoration, and both handlebars had a new squishy feel to them. Why ride a bike though without playing with all the toys? We ended up going through his entire toy box finding little spots of the “Logan-love” here and there. It was a pleasant experience. When I finally arrived on scene he was sitting on the carpet scooting his bottom around while building a building with his building blocks and some “Construction adhesive.”

I never knew so much could come out in one dose.

Below are pictures of the incident that happened just a couple of days ago. While not quite the majestic masterpiece of the previous incident, it still gives a small notion of the brilliance of my little Picasso.

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