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New Camera?

Ok, So I have another problem with my underwater camera adventure ideas. I first found the
bag(two posts down) that I was going to put my NIKON D90 in for underwater shooting. Though I have the camera insured I am still hesitant for a couple of reasons.
1. What if my camera doesn’t make it, and the rest of the trip I have no pictures?
2. My camera is insured, but lenses are not.
3. I am pretty sure water is going to ruin the memory card as well if it gets wet, does that mean pictures from the entire trip to that point will be toast?

So I have found an alternative I am considering.

You can find it Here for like $289

This is the camera I would get if I were going on the cruise tomorrow.

The pros are:
1. It will be easier to pull out an shoot than loading my D90 in the bag
2. It is smaller
3. It also has video
4. It is waterproof to 30 feet

1. The quality is going to be lacking
2. The video is like 480i (I am still looking for one that has higher video quality with as good of reviews)

Since the cruise is not tomorrow

I will be saving up for this bad boy.

The Panasonic DMC-TS2

1. Way easier to use than my NIKON for under water
2. Small
3. The video is High quality
4. The pictures have good resolution

1. I will need to wait a few months for the price to drop. I aint paying over $300

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