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We have decided to do some exterior home improvements this year. The first of which is a wonderful firepit that the kids can play in. I mean, cook hot dogs in. After finishing it though, I am debating whether or not to make a sandbox out of the middle. They like playing in the dirt more than their toys.


firepit-1 firepit-2

You Just can’t get good help any more!!

firepit-3 firepit-4 firepit-5 firepit-6

Finished Finally

firepit-7 firepit-9 firepit-10 firepit-8

3 Responses to “Firepit”

  1. Michelle Webster Says:

    So awesome! I love it. Come build one for us now!! :)

  2. Cindy Odd Says:

    first of all did you like the “canadia” wreath I made for you guys??
    I heard Dusty brought it over to you. I sure hope you have it hanging up next time we come down to visit with Kim and Dusty.
    You haven’t thrown it away have you????
    I like your blog! Your kids sure are cute. Daisy talks about Logie all the time. I met him and your wife last time we we’re over. She’s so sweet!

    I especiallly like the picture of Daisy in the truck. (My “fav” Picture.) Hum…I wonder why?

    Now, remember pull that wreath out of the garbage and hang it back up. :)

    Kim’s Mommy & Daddy :)
    Cindy & Chuck Odd
    P.S. I like the firepit. Dusty wanted me to ask you if they could use it?? :)

  3. Brandon Says:


    The wreath was none less than perfection. We absolutely loved it which is why it makes it so hard to tell you what I am about to.

    As my wife and I were deciding the perfect spot for the wreath we couldn’t help but notice a family walking down our street. Noticing their tarnished and battered state I felt it only prudent to inquire as to their situation. As it turned out they had just been involved in a house fire in their ancient homeland of “Canadia” (just south of Canada as you know). Apparently the dictator there was in somewhat of a frenzy and in an effort to test their nuclear defense weapons, this young family’s house spontaneously combusted.

    They Lost everything, save the clothes they were wearing on their back. It was hard to see the father of this young family tell the story with tears in his eyes. I, myself, couldn’t bear it any more and with tears in my eyes I looked to my wife. She was sobbing and we knew at once there was only one thing we could do. Bequeath upon them, THE WREATH.

    As we brought the wreath out their spirits lifted immediately. I believe they recognized their homeland’s craftmanship in the very flowers and jewels that lied within. They young children showed a twinkle in their eyes as we handed it to the mother. We explained to them that, though this meant very much to us, they needed it even more.

    It was a moment of rejoicing as everybody hugged. I believe your wreath saved the spirits of that young family that day. I will never forget the looks on their faces as they walked down the rest of our street, each, with one hand on ‘The Wreath.’ The divinity of the situation was unremarkable. A miracle to say the least.

    So when you visit next, there will be no wreath, but remember this. That wreath has changed the lives of many, more specifically a young family who’s lives had been tattered, revived again with the beauty and magnificent quality of the “Odd Candia Wreath.”

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