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Temple Sepia Pictures

Hey I am looking for feedback on which one of these pictures in this post is the best. I need it for one project I am working on in the next month or so. Any help would be great. ENJOY!

mttimp-copy_0 rexburg_0 saltlaketemple-12_0 saltlaketemple-13_0 saltlaketemple-14_0 saltlaketemple-15_0 saltlaketemple-16_0 temple3-copy_0

5 Responses to “Temple Sepia Pictures”

  1. Maegan Tsantis Says:

    I am totally diggin the first and third one of the Salt Lake Temple, seeings how my opinionis so valuable to you!

  2. Brandon Says:

    wow that is amazing, I literally posted this like two seconds ago. Thanks may may

  3. Erin E Says:

    i love the 3rd and 4th, as well as the conference center. really i love them all. could you do a sepia or black and white one of the IF temple with the water falls in front? i think that is the one id like to get!



  4. Jaimee S Says:

    Mt Timp for my 1st choice, then the conference center, then the IF Temple

  5. Teresa D Says:

    I vote for the first SLC. Stunning!

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