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Travel Log Romania Part 1

Day 1 – Thursday May 28th 2009 – Travel

After almost not making our plane because of the construction that is continually inevitable near Salt Lake City, we finally boarded at 11:00 a.m. We had been waiting months for this trip to come and Logan helped make us that much more eager to leave. We sure love the kid, but he sure can try our patience every now and again.


Day 2 – Friday May 29th 2009 – More Travel – Arrive in Buc

We flew to Chicago and then to Paris, France. The entire airport in France was in under construction. We had to take a bus to our terminal, then re-check our carryons. In theory it seemed like a simple task, but that could never happen. As we approached the line to recheck our bags we had approximately 30 minutes before our plane left. I couldn’t even see the baggage checkpoint from where I was standing. The best part is we were in Europe and the people helping everybody with the carry-ons and security checks acted as though nobody were even there, in spite of the extreme bottleneck that was being created. It was quintessential Europe and I loved it. We ended up getting to our terminal just in time for the plane to take off, which didn’t really matter because the plane was empty due to the building bottleneck of people we had left behind at the security checkpoint.

It was wonderful to finally hop on the final leg to Romania. As I sat in my seat it was nostalgic to hear the Romanian language spoken again by a native sitting a couple rows in front of me. It had been so long since I had actually heard native Romanian. I wasn’t even sure if I would remember how to speak. The in-flight food didn’t disappoint either, with raw fish shavings, some sort of eggs that didn’t seem to be cooked entirely, and something else I couldn’t even identify, I knew we were almost there.

The Plane ride really brought me back my first flight to Romania. My mission was the first time I had ever flown, so in order to soak up the whole experience I didn’t sleep the entire way to Bucuresti. As it turned out, it wasn’t a novel idea as I don’t think I really ever slept well for the following two years.

As we descended just under the clouds to see the beautiful countryside, I couldn’t help but feel like I was somewhat at home again. The fields and buildings were almost just as I remembered them. The ground below was broken up into thousands of squares for each family that owned them. The Romanian people live off the land, and there land is all they have. Without it they wouldn’t have food, and it was wonderful to see how green and productive the land was looking. As we approached the city, the buildings got larger and closer together. Cars dotted the roads, and people started appearing in the fields and along their homes. Run down concrete blocs (apartments) and unfinished structures started to appear out the side window as we crept closer to the runway below. We were finally here!!!


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