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Travel Log Romania Part 2

Day 2 – Continued

After finally getting to Romania we went to the train station. That in itself was quite a task. I had forgotten the extreme danger taxi drivers in Bucuresti love to put us in. It has always made me wonder how quickly help would come when we wreck going 80 miles an hour, in and out of cars, in bumper to bumper traffic. There was actually a point when we were dodging pedestrians because we were driving on the sidewalk. Got to love em; always in a hurry, but not much to do.


The train to Constanta didn’t leave for another 4 hours. The next little tidbit of our vacation would be spent touring the lovely sights, sounds, and aromas, of the Northern Train station of Bucuresti Romania. After only 20 minutes Hailey needed some fresh air. We found a little spot to rest on the steps just outside. It was unfortunate that we had our bags with us because every 2 minutes a new tax driver would ask us where we needed to go and if he could rip us off by getting us there. It is outrageous what those guys at the train station try getting you in a taxi for. Some where 10 times the cost of a normal taxi, “Oh my meter…it doesn’t work, but my rate is tons better than you would get with a meter.” Right…..


Hailey had finally had it with the smoking, taxi drivers, and wonderful Tigani who were telling us their life stories in hopes of a little money. She also had drank a lot and it was time for her to have her first experience of using the bathrooms of Romania. If only she had known how wonderful we have back home. The first place I told her to go was underneath the train station. She went down there and said there was just a bunch of people down there exchanging money. (later I went down and found that the girl at the door was just getting the toilet usage fee from people as they went in) She said it looked like they were trafficking drugs and wasn’t sure if that was her best bet. (the exaggerations of Jensen make me laugh) I figured KFC would be her next best bet. I pointed her in the right direction and off she went.

After getting to the bathroom she found an old lady at the door. Hailey couldn’t even understand hello in Romanian, let a lone the excessive rant this girl had prepared for her when she tried to get into the bathroom. She started talking in English and the old lady started taking in Romanian. I’m sure it was quite a scene, until somebody finally came to her rescue, and in broken English managed to communicate that she need to just get in there to go pee. This bathroom was no exception to the general got-to-pay-to-pee rule in Romania. Hailey just didn’t know it then, upon trying to exit the bathroom Hailey was met once again by the old lady and her insatiably long “Romanian Rants”. She held out her hand with change in and kept pointing at it. Hailey reached for her pockets, but remembered she had absolutely no money. The old lady kept pointing at the change in her hand and kept getting further and further into Hailey’s personal space until she was completely backed up against the wall in the bathroom. Finally someone else walked into the bathroom giving her a brief moment to make a break for it. She did and the next thing I see know, Hailey is running out of KFC hobbling along on her broken boot. Her Traumatic bathroom experience was a brief intimation of things to come.

The train was just as I had remembered; hot, uncomfortable, and what the heck was that smell? I loved it. It felt good to be moving again in the right direction. Constanta really was only a 2 or 3 hour drive, but because we had to stop every 13 minutes to pick up, or drop off passengers, we had a wonderful 5 hour train ride ahead of us. It was fun for me though, and Hailey slept on and off throughout the journey. A couple of people in the car with us spoke some broken English. Hailey enjoyed being able to say a few words to them. She tried to use the bathroom again and came back saying all the people at the door were telling her she couldn’t use it. I went and asked what they were saying, and they were just asking her where she was from and if she liked the country. If she was left alone for 2 days in the country I don’t think she would have made it.




The train was bumpy, and warm and I wouldn’t recommend doing it after 24 hours of flying and sitting in airports. It was a relief to know we were actually only a few minutes away from finally seeing one of the places I served on my mission: Constanta!

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