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Travel Log Romania Part 3

Day 3 – May 30th 2009 – Constanța


Arriving in Constanta was a wonderful relief. We were staying in the wonderful Hotel Balada Nej, right next to the apartment where I lived as a missionary. After simply explaining to the taxi driver that we didn’t want to spend $100 to drive a half a mile we were on our way to a much needed nights sleep.

The interior of the Hotel was fabulous, decorated with medieval statues and lined with brick and rock every where. It gave a castle type feel to the accommodation.

Apparently after raining all week the weather was absolutely exquisite just for our arrival. It was around 80 degrees at the hottest time in the day and cooled down to what felt like 65 at night. It was wonderful walking weather. As soon as we woke up, which happened to be around 1 in the after noon, we headed out to lunch. It had been a while since I had enjoyed a saucy kebab, and that’s just where we went. It wasn’t quite what I remembered, (a recurring feeling) but did give us the energy to go walk around the Black Sea.

Serving my mission along the black sea was a great opportunity. There are always birds flying around and the air always smells like the sea. The Black sea wraps all the way around 2 sides of the city. There is a port which docks on the east most side, and beaches extend along the north east side all the way up to a resort town called Mamaia. The buildings that run down to the coast are very old in architecture but seem to be fit into the landscape.

It was good to be by the sea again and weird to have the option to actually swim in it. The water was extremely dirty and one of the boys who ran into it in front of us came right back out. He had obviously stepped on something because he was hobbling over to where his towel was in the sand. Looking into the water you could see bottles, old pieces of fabric, sea shells, and shards of glass now and again. Unfortunately the government just doesn’t have the funding to keep things up as well so there is a lot of garbage around the country.

We walked a lot, and were able to see quite a bit of the city. We went to the casino on the beach, the muslim tower in the middle of the old city, and buy all those weird concrete things that make up the fingers that extend into the sea. I never understood how they were able to manufacture so many of those things with what looks to be concrete and drop them all into the sea. There is a picture of them above  that shows a little bit what they look like. They remind me of large versions of jacks: the children’s game you play.

The cherry to my day was being able to eat at pizza hut again. We spent a lot of days at pizza hut watching Elder Edgel drink the grease off of the pepperoni pizza. Seriously, he would pick up the pizza and let the grease drop into his mouth. No wonder he started getting serious health issues a few weeks later. Each memory of as a missionary only made this city that much more enjoyable to see again and I was exited to go to church tomorrow to see how much it had grown.

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