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Car Maintenance

Many of us live in a world where we have to drive in order to get anywhere. Vehicles are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. The world we live in requires us to have two and sometimes three vehicles just to get everything accomplished. It would be nice if we were able to hop in the car and take off and not have to do anything to them ever, but unfortunately cars require a lot of maintenance. Maintenance that takes time out of our lives and busy schedules. I am going to help you out by making your life a lot simpler. Following these simple ‘How Tos’ will help get you on a path to the kind of lifestyle you have always loved.

Changing The Oil

Step 1 – Throw away that oil filter you just bought, you will not need it for further steps.

Step 2 – Use the oil you just purchased to put in your car to start a big fire out back for tomorrow nights party. (it burns very quickly so be careful)

Step 3 – Look at the tools you just spent $100 on, only to get the right size wrench to undo your oil plug, then put them in the garage under a few boxes where they will never be used again.

Step 4 – Find a phone book.

Step 5 – Open it, then take a break. There is no reason to stress yourself out this early on by actually reading, so grab a Pepsi.

Step 6 – Look in the Auto maintenance section to find someone who can change your oil.

Step 7 – This step is very important, The people you call are going to say that you need to simply bring your car down to them and they will go ahead and change your oil. Why do you need to get up and go do something? After all you did have to open that can of Pepsi, continue to call people until they decide to come to you. Any more effort on your part would be really pushing yourself.


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