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Travel Log Romania Part 5

Day 5 – June 1st 2009 – Bucuresti


The train ride from Constanta to Bucuresti was absolutely brutal. Five hours of hot Romanian train weather. By ‘Romanian train’ weather I mean the pleasant smells and blistering heat within the boxcars of course. Luckily our Hotel was a sigh of relief. The bed was ok, and the shower actually had body sprays inside it. Hailey was not extremely stoked about that fact that there wasn’t a tub to relax in. The shower did prove to be somewhat of a challenge for me though. The exit from the shower was about a foot down, and who knew tile floors were that slick when wet. I was on the floor in about 2 seconds after trying to get out, but not before my head made acquaintance with the glass sink countertop, and my elbow with the granite walls. To say the least, it hurt. Hailey rather enjoyed the commotion though, so at least somebody enjoyed it.

Bucuresti is the Capital city. With over two million people we had no shortage of social interaction with the locals. Gogosi (Romanian Donuts) and Suc (Romanian Juice that is so Divine) was on the menu for breakfast. The morning after picking up new missionaries from the airport we would bring them to President Hanson’s house for these two specialties. We would let them eat until completely satisfied, then give them a short orientation on the next 2 years of their lives. It was tradition to have them when in Bucuresti.

The first place we visited was none other than the House of the People (Casa Poporului). The Locals Claim it is the second largest building the world, just behind the pentagon, and when you are standing in front of it you are not disappointed. It is HUGE!!! Nicolae Ceauşescu had it built for himself, and as symbol to the country that they had power. It was always fun to watch the new missionaries eyes (myself not excluded) the first time they see the enormity and architecture of the building.

Cis Migiu, the most beautiful park in all of Romania, was our next stop. The park is very sacred place to me and others who have served here. On February 9, 1990, Elder Russel M. Nelson of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles Dedicated the Country of Romania for missionary work in this park. There is a small hill located in the Center of the park where the dedication to place. He blessed the country with the ability to accept the gospel, stand as a light for the surrounding countries, and maintain the political strength to receive the gospel as well. Since that time Romanian has evolved tremendously by entering the European Union, and changing the way the Government is ran. Missionary work has improved every year, and many members are attending the temple in Germany to have work done for their families. Nineteen year ago there was no church existence at all. Now Romania has 3 church house’s, over 20 different branches, and over 2,000 members. It may not seem like a lot compared to our local populations, but the members are strong. They are an example to me every time I see them, and whenever I hear of the trials they endure to be a ‘Mormon’ in their country.

It is located in the dead center of Bucuresti, amongst the noisy traffic and rustle of the city. Once you enter the walls of the park you forget where you are, and it almost seems as if you have entered a different world of green trees, plants, and waterfalls. The park is a place of refuge for those who want to relax, and for people who need to get away from the work. Every where you look, people are there to escape the busy life of the city only seconds away. For the locals it is a park, but for me, it is where the gospel was brought to the people of Romania.

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