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Travel Log Romania Part 6

Day 6 – June 2nd 2009 – Targoviste, Sinaia, Brasov

We finally got our car. Fitting in with the local drivers only took a few minutes and a lot more weight on the gas pedal. Finding our way out of town was fairly simple, then we were on our way to Targoviste. We had heard the castle was fantastic there.

Along the way we saw a lot of little villages. Each one was unique in its own way, with people and a orthodox church now and again. As we would pass people would be sitting on their little benches outside watching us go by. The further away we got from the city, the more I began to wonder if the people we were passing on in these little cities had ever seen the internet, or had a chance to talk on a cell phone. The villages were pretty remote, and you could tell they didn’t really have much way of transportation to and from the bigger cities.

Targoviste was not all it was cracked up to be. The placed we had gone to visit was being renovated. With this being the case, they still had the audacity to charge us full price. They have wised up a little to capitalism since I had been there though. They charged for entry and to be able to take pictures. One guy stopped me and asked if I had purchased the ticket for taken pictures. I showed him my ticket and he seemed satisfied. I then asked him where half of my money was since the place was only half open. He laughed and walked off. Obviously he was happy I had paid full price for half the show. I was later assured they were going to double the price when the remodeling was complete. This made me feel better…

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