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Travel Log Romania Part 7

Day 6 – June 2nd 2009 – Continued


Targoviste was kind of bummer, but as we were pulling up to Sinaia I knew Hailey would be much more thrilled about the caliber of castles they have here. The entire drive was rainy and extremely dark as we were going over the mountain passes, but right as we showed up the rain stopped and it even lightened up a little bit for pictures.


The pathway to the castle was gorgeous. With cobblestone roads, and an old city wall covered with moss, it created quite an ambience. As we could just make out the castle through the trees we had  to cross an old bridge with the most wonderful river bed flowing underneath it. There was a waterfall about 25 yards above us, which fell just below the winding road we had to keep climbing to the get to the castle. The Castle Pilesi is located right in the heart of the Carpathian mountains, nestled against a hill filled with thousands of trees. It is a large castle, but you wouldn’t see it from the valley below because of all the greenery surrounding it.

Approaching the castle looks somewhat the castle from Beauty and The Beast. It is surrounded by old statues everywhere, and the courtyards are filled with fountains and flowers. The colors of the castle are very vivid and don’t really match the rest of the buildings found in Romania.

We had arrived just after 5:00 and the castle was closed. Just our luck, but thanks to the greedy hands of the Romanian people, we were able to bribe one of the guards to let us go around and take some pictures of the exterior and courtyard.


As soon as we left the castle it started raining as hard as I could ever remember. It was a good thing we only had a few more minutes to Brasov. The streets of Brasov seemed unfamiliar with the downpour around us, but we were able to navigate our way to the center and eventually to the best restaurant in Brasov, Bella-Muzica. Inside looks like the interior of an old dungeon, but the Mexican food there is absolutely mouthwatering. Hailey was very grateful to have some food that she could actually enjoy. It was a perfect finish to a wonderful day in the Mountains.

hailey-siniagh.jpg bigsinaia.jpg beautysiniah.jpg siniai-from-below.jpg forest.jpg statue.jpg

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