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Travel Log Romania Part 9

Day 8 – June 4th 2009 – Bran, Pitesti, Bucuresti


Our plan today was to travel back to Buc to hop on the train to Chisinau. On the way there we stopped by Bran to see Dracula’s Castle. It was a nice castle, but definitely not as pretty as Pelesi. The castle sits up on some cliffs on one side and overlooks the valley on the other. The Valley below has a river running through it and is lined with little cottage looking houses.

The ride back gave us the opportunity to go right over the top of some of the steepest mountains I have ever traversed in my life. The curious thing about the mountains was the locations of all the local homes on the mountain tops and even down in the valleys. (look at the pictures on my last post) I don’t know how people even got to and from their houses (well they walked) because there wasn’t a single road to any of them. It was sure interesting to see how far from civilization people could actually live. I don’t know if I could make it one day without the internet or a computer, but I am sure most of these people haven’t even seen a computer.

Hailey started getting sick on the ride back. Luckily we made it to Pitesti so she could get some fresh air. It wasn’t any accident either that Pitesti is home to the most fabulous ice cream in all the world. Words can’t describe the flavors that lie within the succulent scoops of ice cream located in the center of Pitesti. Each bite gets better and better, and almost takes me to post-mortal times (if that is even possible) when food tastes like heaven. I am not one to lick a plate after a meal, or desert, but on this occasion only, the desire was there.

The road from Pitesti to Buc is almost normal. It even has 4 lanes. Unfortunately by this point Hailey wasn’t feeling so well. The train ride was looking less and less appealing. As it turned out when we got to the train station, the train only runs to Chisinau on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The hotel we stayed at last time in Buc, also was very congenial and changed our reservation from next week to tonight with out any extra charge. Everything worked out for Hailey to have a comfortable room to sleep and throw up in all night. I strongly believe we were being watched over, and had we gone on the train with her as sick as she was, I wouldn’t have made it back home to tell the tale.

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