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Framed Art

We were driving down 17th street the other day with the kids and saw a art gallery with pictures of the temple. I know you all have seen them. They are black and white looking, but also have a sepia type feel to them. Anyway, they were setup in that building right across the street from the Albertsons Gas Station. Hailey absolutely loves them and is always begging to buy one so we stopped by to take a peek.

After Logan touched every single picture, the girl mentioned there was a drawing. Hailey signed up with no though as we all do with drawings of this nature and we were on our way. Around 4:00 Checked her phone and the girl had called. She won!!! Hailey NEVER has her phone with her, nor does she answer it. She called the girl back to find out the details and what not, and no answer. It took about 4 days for them to finally talk just because I think neither of them answer their phones. When they did, the lady assured Hailey she had won a painting. We though maybe an 8 x 10 or something, but she said just go on our website and pick any one you want. I was shocked, and still didn’t believe this was happening. After all, I never have won anything, but as a turns out my beautiful wife is a keeper. It was looking like this might really happen.

The painting got here today. Framed and everything!! (the frame makes the picture by the way) There wasn’t even a note in the box. NO STRINGS ATTACHED! SHE seriously won a painting. It is beautiful. We are extremely happy about it, and it will go great in our house. We went with the Idaho Falls temple. The name of the business is Framed Legacy. Check out their website at They are now getting free advertising to the 4 people that are reading this. This just goes to show, enter into every single contest you can. People really do win!!


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  1. Chindavon Says:

    Hey, that’s us!! Small world Brandon…
    Our stuff we have now are a zillion times better!

  2. doopawcap Says:

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