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Why Gas Prices are so High

Drilling in Alaska

The Artic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) consists of almost 19,000,000 acres of ground. In 1960 this became federally protected. Of the acreage, about 1.5 Million acres are designated to the area called the 10-02 area. This area is located on the northern most part of Alaska, above the article circle. Experts say that there 4.3 to 11.8 Billion barrels of oil could possible be recovered. Between 250,000 and 735,000 jobs could be created. Prudhoe Bay, which is to the west of this region of ANWR, has grown from 3,000 animals to its current level of around 32,000 animals. The process of extracting oil does not harm the wildlife. If ANWR were developed for drilling the footprint of the entire project would be less than 2,000 acres. (smaller than LAX airport)

In terms of money for you and me: Currently Oil imports in America are estimated at 1.5 billion dollars a day. At estimated flow rates and using $125 per barrel price level, ANWR could save the nation between $125,000,000 and $187,500,000 a day for decades. That might help the economy a little bit. That is money that the US would keep inside the US instead of giving it to other countries.

What is happening?

As of May 15, 2008 the polar bear is now on the Threatened species list. After being sued by an Environmentalist Group, the federal government (Bush administration) claimed that due to “GLOBAL WARMING” the ice caps were melting and the Polar Bear is being threatened by its environment. This will cause two things to happen. 1- It will deter any drilling in the Arctic Region due to the fact that it will cause an even bigger threat to the Polar Bear. 2 – Congress will have to look at the effects of “global warming” on the environment of Polar Bears and come to a decision that CO2 and other greenhouse gases are actually causing detriment to the ice caps. This will then result in more laws to cut emissions and other policies to cut down on greenhouse gases. It is win win for the environmentalists and democrats, and lose lose for the American people and our way of life. It is interesting to mention the actual population of polar bears has actually quadrupled in that last decade to nearly 25,000.

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Many more environmentalists are fighting to avoid drilling in ANWR due to the fact that it will disrupt the environment in many other ways, when in reality the actual footprint of the project would be barely noticeable.

Shale Oil

One and a half trillion (yes trillion, not billion or even million) barrels of Oil Shale lies within the boarders of Utah, Wyoming and Utah. The oil contained in this shale would produce more than five times the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. Recently the process to refine the shale has been too expensive, but now it has become a possibility due to the high prices of Oil. If the technology came forth to try and produce oil from these shale deposits Americans would not need to worry about importing oil again. Many companies are currently in the process of refining this product.

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What is happening?

From June to September of 2005 The BLM opened up a small part of the Green River Formation (the largest formation of oil shale in the world) for Research and Development for Companies to come in and see how well they could facilitate the extraction and refining of the shale contained in those small areas. From those studies and many others the BLM has developed a plan called PEIS. In this 1400 page plan it mentions 12 different approaches to getting the oil out of the ground along with all the environmental effects the projects will have. Then plan is ready

Shell has also developed a process that doesn’t even require the mining of the shale from the ground. They head the oil out of the ground and refine it from there. There are also other processes that consist of actually mining the shale from the ground.

Overall the process would range from $30 a barrel to $60 and could ultimately go down after the initial extraction periods.

Our gas prices

Why is this happening? Why is the government allowing our people to pay such high prices for Gas? Our economy, our way of life was built on principals of capitalism which has helped our country grow to the status it has obtained in the world. The government not allowing us to move forward with the technology we have developed and the resources that we have on our own soil is only proving the fact we are losing our freedom. Our country was built upon new ideas, and technology, new thinking, and exploration. Right now our country is importing oil at high prices, which are being passed on to the consumer –you and me. Meanwhile we have enough oil in our backyards to substantiate our way of life for years to come that we can’t even touch due to federal regulations and policies. When is it going to stop?

If we don’t change what we are doing right now, gas prices are not going to change, the economy is not going to get better, and it is going to get to a point where America become so dependent on other countries for oil and food that we make ourselves vulnerable.

Environmentalist groups currently have too much power in Washington and are creating a bleak future for our country. Our country depends on Oil and Gas, not just for our cars, but for our homes, travel, shipping, and food. It seems that a hydroelectric 747 is a little ways out, so why not use the resources that we have right now. Gas prices will continue to rise as environmentalists control the government and tie their hands from doing what is necessary to help sustain our way of life.

American will rise out of the current economic slump that it is in, but a change needs to be made. The environment, our country, our land is there for our use. We need to take care of it, but we can also use it, if we use it wisely. Why starve, and make other countries starve, because we won’t drill into some ice that 99.9% of the population will never see or step foot on? Why pay 5-10 dollars a gallon at the pump, because our government will not take the initiative to increase spending in the appropriate areas to initiate the refining of our own resources into fuel? Change is inevitable. In which direction will that change be?
(polar Bear Population)

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