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The Fourth of July


The Fourth of July was wonderful. Parker went to his first parade and Logan got the opportunity to actually run around and get candy. I made the mistake of telling Logan to sacrifice his life for a tootsie roll that was inches away from the tires of an approaching float. I said it sarcastically, but apparently a two year old doesn’t understand sarcasm. Who would have known?

Every since I have grown up I have love to go to the greenbelt. It was so fun to take the boys there and watch them interact with the people and the crowds. Logan was actually good and stayed in his stroller the whole time. We saw a lot of people we knew, and actually ran into one of my old buddies, Garrett. He was so kind as to let us encroach on his personal space, as he was with his fiancé. We figured having Logan and Parker there would help supplement their birth control costs after they got married.

As soon as the fireworks started Logan started screaming. He loved them. Every single one he said “wow” or “look”. He even put his arm around parker and was pointing at the sky, saying something in his little two year old language. It was a sight to see.

Note: Why on earth do we convince our kids that eating candy off the ground is ok during parades?

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  1. Jessica Schwendiman Says:

    Good pictures! That camera is worth every penny.

  2. admin Says:

    Yes, It has been a spectacular purchase. I can actually tell the difference in the pictures of this and my old camera. I am working on my professional license…if there is such a thing

  3. mom Says:

    AMAZING pictures ummmmmmmmmmm when you get your pro licence REMBEMBER I’m the mom and get GREAT DISCOUNTS :)

  4. Stas Says:

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